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Hot water cylinders

Heating controls allow you to choose when the heating and hot water is on, how warm it is and where you want to be heated. It will also make sure that the boiler is only turned on when it needs to be.

Heating controls are the easiest way to keep your rooms at a comfortable temperature and could help to reduce your household’s fuel bills and CO2 emissions.

A room thermostat constantly measures the air temperature and can be set to a desired temperature, thus preventing your home getting warmer than it needs to be.

We supply and fit a wide range of controls, including the latest models that can be controlled remotely through a smart phone or computer.

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Hot water cylinders

TRVs sense the air temperature around them in the room and regulate the flow of water through the radiator which they are fitted to.

TRVs should be installed on every radiator in your home. You can adjust the setting on the TRV to control the temperature in each room. For example, in spare rooms or rooms that have minimal use you can set them at a lower temperature or turn them off to minimise energy wastage.


Hot water cylinders

While energy bills are constantly rising, you could save up to 6% a year on your home heating with a Magnetic Filter.

This is another way to increase the life and efficiency of your central heating system. It’s a simple unit that captures any dirt, debris and black sludge that’s created before it can do any damage to your boiler and controls.

Central heating filters

Hot water cylinders

Hot water cylinders

Hot water cylinders